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New Year 2024 3-Day Event!

Join us in celebrating 21 years of community service. Immerse yourself all weekend with workshops in international dance, music, martial arts, health & fitness, visual arts, culture, and inspiration, and attend our “A Taste of the Arts” showcase, and Unity Jam dance social — There’s something for everyone!

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BCCA/CCCA 21st Anniversary New Year 2024 3-Day Celebration & Fundraiser - Square Banner
Grand Master Winchell P. C. Woo Kung Fu Family Perform at CCCA A Taste of the Arts Showcase 2/23/2022
Anwar Maghreb Studio Photo - Cropped
Christine Trannguyen Performance Photo
Welcome to the CCCA!

We offer onsite and online classes, shows, rehearsal facilities, art displays, teaching and performance opportunities, and production services, in dance, health, fitness, wellness, martial arts, theater, and more, for all ages and abilities — There’s something for everyone!

Kelley Donovan
Circe Rowan
Alex "B-Boy El Nino" Diaz
The Future Looks Bright!

With the aid of technology, we provide artists/educators of all backgrounds and abilities with gainful and impactful opportunities, and cultivate an extended network of artists and institutions, continually developing our non-profit software to allow for online/onsite/hybrid programming.

Jessica Liggero
Boston Butoh Collective Artists
Sumati Ram-Mohan
Hedwige J. Louis
Creating a Home for the Arts!

Continuing our focus on supporting artists and organizations that lost their teaching, rehearsing, and performing facilities before and during the pandemic, we have partnered with the Multicultural Arts Center to combine our resources and knowledge, and transform the center into a multifaceted arts facility, serving hundreds of artists and students!

Master Tsuji (Archie K)
Dan Yonah Marshall & Shira Marshall (Price)
Jonathan (B-Boy Xcel) Escotto
Margaux Skalecki Medicine Dancer
Cultural Offerings
Programs for All Ages!
Artist Testimonials
Learn more about the personal journeys of some of our faculty & staff, recorded on March 1st to 3rd 2020. (More testimonials to come!)
  • Alex “BEAASTMode” Ambila
  • Alex “B-Boy El Niño” Diaz
  • Fen Tung
  • Jeryl Palana
  • Jessica Liggero
  • Kelley Donovan
  • Margaux Scalecki
  • Sean Bjerke
  • Seyyide Sultan
Meet Our Talented & Acclaimed Team of Artists!
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  • Culinary Arts & Culture (2)
  • Health & Fitness (4)
  • Jazz Dance (2)
  • Martial Arts (6)
  • Modern Dance (6)
  • Music (20)
  • Social Dance (11)
  • Street & Club (17)
  • Theater Drama & Film (5)
  • Visual & Performing Arts (2)
  • World Dance (16)
There’s Something for Everyone!
We welcome people all the ages, abilities, & backgrounds, to partake in classes, workshops, cultural events, and rehearsals, by our talented and diverse faculty members! Looking forward to seeing you!
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Erica Sigal's Kid Group
About us
Open Your Heart to the Arts
— We Welcome Everyone!

The BCCA (CCCA in Cambridge) is a non-profit community arts educational organization dedicated to making the arts accessible to the Greater Boston Area & Beyond. Our main focus is to present opportunities for talented students to interact, learn, and be inspired by established artists as their mentors, in order to achieve their full artistic, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical potential.

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Our Goal

Establish and manage new arts facilities and integrated programs for the common goal of bringing education and opportunities in the arts to communities nationally, and internationally.

Our Latest Articles
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April 9, 2021
Pandemic Retrospective on the BCCA/CCCA & Dan Yonah Marshall

Executive artistic director of the Brookline/Cambridge Community Center for the Arts Pandemic or no, Dan…

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December 23, 2020
Cambridge Community Foundation, City of Cambridge award $257,500…

The Cambridge Community Foundation and the City of Cambridge have awarded a total of $257,500 in grants to 25…

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Canal District Kendall Photo by Marc Levy
February 18, 2020
Plans for former Constellation Center location will be shown at…

An article by Marc Levy for The Cambridge Day

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Cambridge hopes to address arts crisis through collaboration
December 26, 2019
Cambridge hopes to address arts crisis through collaboration

An article by Sara Frazier for The Cambridge Chronicle

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David Dzebic of AdoEma Realty Speaks at His Office During the 11/3/2020 Open House to Launch the CCCA Photo by Diego Marcano Cambridge Day
November 6, 2019
No creative space? Maybe you have too much? Call Community Center…

The Cambridge Community Center for the Arts, a nonprofit for creating and managing arts facilities, hosted an open house…

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Public Support from the Community
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Andrea Windhausen
Community Manager, BioMed Realty (BMR)
… BCCA established and has been managing the CCCA arts facility since January, 2020 to help artists that were displaced by facility closures… BCCA provides professional management with an emphasis on facilitating an enjoyable experience…
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Alan Toda-Ambaras
Co-Founder & Board Member, Eureka Ensemble
… This fall, as a result of the pandemic, many of our larger, orchestral programs had been put on hold. Thanks to our partnership with the CCCA at Canal District Kendall, however, we were able to not only continue putting up performances but also…
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Juliette Cusick (Johara)
BCCA & CCCA Faculty Member
… Our shared interests and common belief is that artists of diverse backgrounds can come together to manifest a shared vision… Dan supported my personal vision to represent and garner more respect for Middle Eastern dance…
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Margaux Skalecki
BCCA & CCCA Faculty Member
… I am writing to you with 100 percent support for the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA) to receive 100 percent of the funds you can offer. I have known Dan since 2003 because I was actually the first teacher hired…
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Jessica Liggero
CCCA Faculty Member
… CCCA really feels like a home for the creative community. A place where people from all different backgrounds can come together to learn, move, and explore. Dan even orchestrated a photoshoot and video interviews for all of the instructors…
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Laurie Rothstein
Executive Director, Cambridge Volunteer Clearinghouse (CVC)
My nonprofit serves as a citywide volunteer connector for Cambridge. I first met Dan as a member of the Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition (CNC). We volunteered for a CNC working group that addressed financial support during the early days of the pandemic…
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Theodora Skeadas
Executive Director, Cambridge Local First (CLF)
… Cambridge Community Center for the Arts is a wonderful member of our community. Their Executive Director, Dan Yonah Marshall, regularly attends our community conversations, offers support to and ideas for our other members, and works enthusiastically…
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Julie Washburn
LICSW, Program Manager, Brookline Senior Center
… The Senior Center has a well-established relationship with BCCA, Dan Marshall, and the entire “You and Broadway!” team as they have historically performed semi-annual concerts at the Senior Center…
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Howard D. Jordan (Snyder)
Co-Producer & MC, You & Broadway!
… Our all-volunteer produced group… has evolved over the years and has seen many great musicians, singers, and dancers participate. My father and the show’s founder, Paul Jordan (Saul Snyder), spent nights singing at piano bars for years…
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Zoya & Ary Rotman
I would like to state that since the BCCA has opened it has changed our lives…
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Hava Yaseen
The Brookline Community Center for the Art, a.k.a. BCCA, was not only a center for art, but also a center for love…
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Laura R. Stupin
Since I have been at the BCCA, my love for dance has increased, and I am so thankful that I found a truly wonderful studio…
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Alex "BBoy El Nino" Diaz Three Quarter Shot at Faculty, Staff, & Volunteers Shoot on 3/2/2020 at the CCCA - Photo by Dan Marshall
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