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Our classes have moved online during the Massachusetts COVID-19 shutdown. Click on Schedule (Menu / Schedule), and click to open any class designated [Online] to take the class live online at its scheduled time, or view the archived classes that are saved & displayed in the class pages! Our online learning sliding scale gives you the option to pay what you can, to support artists during this tough period, while providing a wonderful selection of quality classes streamed to your home! We look forward to resuming programs at our center when safe, and wish you much continued strength, health, & arts!!

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Kelley Donovan
Circe Rowan
Alex "B-Boy El Nino" Diaz
The Future Is Bright!

Thanks to our warm welcome in Cambridge, the hard work of our faculty, staff, & volunteers, and to the generous sponsorship by BioMed Realty at their shared arts facility, at 500 Kendall Street, Canal District Kendall, the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA), we’ve quickly grown our diverse selection of classes, workshops, & cultural events by acclaimed local artists, in dance, martial arts, fitness, music, & theatre!  March & April feature an amazing selection for all ages & abilities — To learn more & register, simply visit our Schedule (Menu / Schedule) & select a week/date, or scroll below to browse by Faculty or Program.  There’s something for everyone at the CCCA!

Jessica Liggero
Boston Butoh Collective Artists
Sumati Ram-Mohan
Hedwige J. Louis
A Home for the Arts At A Time of Need

The phoenix rising is the theme of CCCA’s partnership with BioMed Realty, where the focus has been to support artists and organizations that had recently lost their space with the closure of Green Street Studios, the elimination of public dance rehearsal space at MIT, and the closure of Ryles Jazz Club. It is in that vein that Executive Artistic Director, Dan Marshall, created this special 2-month Winter session, to feature mostly artists who lost their spaces.

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Master Tsuji (Archie K)
Dan Yonah Marshall & Shira Marshall (Price)
Jonathan (B-Boy Xcel) Escotto
Margaux Skalecki Medicine Dancer
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Learn more about the personal journeys of some of our faculty & staff, recorded on March 1st to 3rd 2020. (More testimonials to come!)
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We welcome people all the ages all ages, abilities, & backgrounds, to partake in classes, workshops, cultural events, and rehearsals, by our talented and diverse faculty members! Looking forward to seeing you!
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Erica Sigal's Kid Group
About us
Open Your Heart to the Arts
— We Welcome Everyone!

The BCCA (CCCA in Cambridge) is a non-profit community arts educational organization dedicated to making the arts accessible to the Greater Boston Area & Beyond. Our main focus is to present opportunities for talented students to interact, learn, and be inspired by established artists as their mentors, in order to achieve their full artistic, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical potential.

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Our Goal

Establish and manage new arts facilities and integrated programs for the common goal of bringing education and opportunities in the arts to communities nationally, and internationally.

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Canal District Kendall Photo by Marc Levy
February 18, 2020
Plans for former Constellation Center location will be shown at Feb. 27 meeting, BioMed says

An article by Marc Levy for The Cambridge Day

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Cambridge hopes to address arts crisis through collaboration
December 26, 2019
Cambridge hopes to address arts crisis through collaboration

An article by Sara Frazier for The Cambridge Chronicle

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David Dzebic of AdoEma Realty Speaks at His Office During the 11/3/2020 Open House to Launch the CCCA Photo by Diego Marcano Cambridge Day
November 6, 2019
No creative space? Maybe you have too much? Call Community Center for the Arts either way

The Cambridge Community Center for the Arts, a nonprofit for creating and managing arts facilities, hosted an open house Sunday at an upcoming arts space near Inman Square that it explained should be only the first of many. The business model is based on sharing spaces and the cost of utilities with existing businesses. As…

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Hava Yaseen
The Brookline Community Center for the Art, a.k.a. BCCA, was not only a center for art, but also a center for love.
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Laura R. Stupin
Since I have been at the BCCA, my love for dance has increased, and I am so thankful that I found a truly wonderful studio.
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Zoya and Ary Rotman
I would like to state that since the BCCA has opened it has changed our lives.
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Alex "BBoy El Nino" Diaz Three Quarter Shot at Faculty, Staff, & Volunteers Shoot on 3/2/2020 at the CCCA - Photo by Dan Marshall
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