Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

We Work to Revitalize & Strengthem the Arts

The BCCA is seeking corporate sponsors and partners to help revitalize and strengthen arts and culture in Cambridge, by establishing and contributing to the creation and management of thriving centers across Cambridge and the Greater Boston Area, and the activation of arts programming at local community-minded businesses.

We Are a Part of Something Big

We have joined forces with community leaders and institutions, and have gotten tremendous support for the foundation of the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts, CCCA, (under the umbrella of BCCA, Inc.) to both support artists and organizations recently displaced by cultural facility and space closures in Cambridge, and to restore and cultivate our valuable BCCA community programming.

Your Benefits

Partnering with the BCCA provides your corporation with exposure to our diverse community constituents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, across the Greater Boston area and beyond.

What We Offer

Our impressive body of over 350 professional artists and educators, have provided rich and broad programming from classes and workshops, to company rehearsals, private lessons, art exhibits, and community events.

Your Role

With your help, we can lay a strong foundation to re-open our home for the arts in multiple locations across Greater Boston, and virtually on the web, for all to enjoy.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Respective Benefits

Capital Sponsorship

Capital donations are especially valuable to strengthen the foundation and ensure the future of our cultural organization and the artists and community members we serve. All of these targeted contributions are specifically geared to enable our non-profit organization to provide programming in any viable location, with as little as same-day to one week of setup time, as well as virtualize our educational services on the web, to share them world-wide and contribute to a thriving arts and education economy:

  • $500

    To install BCCA’s (pre-owned) 1,000 SF movable maple commercial quality composite wood dance floor

  • $1,500

    To repurpose and install BCCA’s professional artist-made sign (changing “Brookline” to “Cambridge”)

  • $2,000

    To purchase a professional portable sound system for each facility/location (BCCA currently owns one)

  • $2,500

    To purchase and transport a quality upright piano (which may also be given as an in-kind donation)

  • $5,000

    For continued development of BCCA’s ground-breaking education web and institution, artist, educator, and student management software and website technology, for artist gainful employment and student reach

  • $6,000

    To purchase and install multi-use movable Plexiglass studio mirrors for movement arts activities
    To purchase and install a 1,000 SF movable ($9,500 for portable) Wooden Kiwi Productions 2.5″ sprung-wood floating sub-floor, to benefit artist and member health and longevity, and improve acoustic qualities

  • $9,000

    To purchase and install a movable black box theatre lighting and video projection system, and wings

  • $15,000

    To install BCCA’s (pre-owned) Corbin-Hufcor soundproof movable partitions/walls, to diversify our arts facilities, sound-insulate activities, and increase cultural facility multi-use capability and programming output

Other corporate sponsorship targeted funding ideas/proposals, gladly encouraged and appreciated

Event Sponsorship

Facilitate the production of one of our cultural events (performances, workshops, fundraisers, dances, etc.). Donation levels range from $250 to $5,000, and depending on donation level, your company will be entitled to headline the event, display your banner, list your company name, logo, and/or ad in our event booklet, website, and other printed and digital materials, and receive mention in our electronic and printed newsletters, press releases, and other forms of publicity. Food or other in-kind donations are welcome.

Electronic Newsletter & Website Sponsorship Ad/Banner

Display your listings, ads, or banners on our website and/or electronic and printed newsletter. Donation levels range from $50 to $1,000, depending on listing or ad/banner size and prevalence.

In-Kind Sponsorship

Donate equipment, materials, professional services, food, or other goods towards our community programming, arts facilities funds, fundraiser silent auctions, or other organizational needs. (Levels and types of recognition depend upon gift value.)

Corporate Challenge Grant

Any donation/sponsorship can be creatively posted (with permission) as a corporate challenge grant, enticing other corporations and/or individuals to match funds, and secure a larger funding milestone. This type of gifting can be manifested in group pledges, employee challenge gifts, multi-year pledges, and more. Challenge grant sponsors may garner heightened exposure as leaders, in bringing forth funding for valuable community endeavors.

Corporate Sponsors and Members may elect to remain anonymous, as well as structure their contributions as multi-year gifts. Sponsor donations & Corporate Memberships are tax deductible to various degrees, depending on the added value / benefits received by the charitable company.

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BCCA & CCCA Executive Artistic Director
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