Our non-profit organization’s main focus is to establish and maintain arts facilities, employ artists/educators and/or provide them with facilities and production support, technological and registrar services, and to serve community members of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, with affordable, accessible, and diverse arts and education programming. We were founded in 2003 as a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charitable organization, and served (during our Brookline facility tenure) over 7,500 community members of all ages and abilities, with 170 classes/week and 500 events/year in dance, theatre, fitness, martial arts, music and visual arts, conducted by a highly diverse body of 350 resident and visiting faculty members. We later continued to serve artists and the community in many capacities, at various community venues, and established interim art facilities in the Greater Boston Area. Seeing the rapid dwindling of Cambridge art spaces in 2019, we established the Cambridge Community Center for the Arts (CCCA) to serve artists who lost their practice, teaching, performing, and gathering facilities, and from September 2019 to date, we have been safely (with zero related COVID cases) serving hundreds of local artists/educators/producers, thousands of community members, and tens of non-profit organizations. We did so by partnering up with wonderful organizations and businesses like BioMed Realty and the Multicultural Arts Center, and with much community, civic, and individual support, to cost effectively and efficiently transform/renovate commercial spaces into technically advanced, accessible, and multi-use community arts and culture facilities. We worked to support the emerging Peter Valentine Art House endeavor in Cambridge, by serving in several capacities, including facility development/renovation, facility and artist management, fiscal sponsorship, and fundraising, and have been cultivating a partnership with The Foundry’s arts and culture team to provide modular/mobile indoor and outdoor furnishings and equipment and activate their Sundays and late weekday evenings, in a similar fashion to what we did at the Multicultural Arts Center, as well as create an afternoon kids and family program.

Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) (CCCA Partner & Arts Facility Home)

Mission: The Multicultural Art Center is a non-profit corporation founded in 1978 as an arts center focused on helping diverse populations better understand one another. In 1985 it moved into its home at 41 Second Street. Its mission is to present multicultural visual and performing arts programs to educate the community about diversity, and make our facility available to artists or groups that might not otherwise have access to a professionally equipped facility or the cultural mainstream.

Values: The Multicultural Arts Center is open to everyone. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, political identification or economic status or class. Its staff and programming have always reflected the diversity of the community. Specific to gender and gender identification this has included: Heterosexual, Bi-sexual, Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Binary, Gender-Queer, Non-Binary, and Transgender. The center treat everyone with the same respect that we wish to be treated with.

Venue: The Multicultural Arts Center is home to an extraordinary Theater, complete with ornate Victorian details and theater lighting and sound equipment. We also feature an Art Gallery, backstage green room and other dressing areas, a kitchen, and an outside courtyard that can be rented for wedding ceremonies.

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Najee Brown
Artistic Director

Adria Katz
Managing Director

Zoe Langosy
Marketing and Communications Manager

Treshor Webster
Operations Assistant

Taylor Hansen
Production Coordinator

The Flavor Continues (TFC)

Mission: To preserve the root and evolve the street and club dance culture in authenticity, providing a space for the public to experience and celebrate alongside our community through innovative events and education.
To give back and give more.

Preservation & Evolution: Preserving history through education and keeping the evolution of the arts relevant to today’s needs.

Education: Sharing history and culture within the context of street & club dance forms, made accessible to all demographics through discussions, events, and programming.

Authenticity & Integrity: Abiding by timeless principles of the culture, with honesty at its core.

Merit & Opportunity: Providing opportunities to those that have contributed, upheld the values, passed on knowledge, and progressed the culture.

Who We Are: The Flavor Continues (TFC) est. 2019, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Spearheaded by members of the street and club dance community, TFC pursues the creation of a sustainable foundation for the culture.  The formation of this organization is in response to the never ending need to provide resources and
uplift members of the marginalized communities by promoting social justice, employment, well-being, and education – all through the art forms of various street and club dances. After the pandemic-related non-essential business shutdown ended, our organization partnered up with TFC, who brought and/or restored to the City of Cambridge, its programming and that of many other artists and dance crews, greatly increased the onsite usage of the CCCA’s arts facility during the Pandemic, and has provided a home for over 100 artists of all ethnic, social, and sexual backgrounds, ages, and abilities, to safely engage in arts and education, at no charge, scaled or contribute-as- you-can options.  TFC has brought 20 Street and Club dance crews/groups, largely BIPOC and multi-racial, most of which had lost their practice and teaching facilities due to arts facility closures and the pandemic, and with ages ranging from 7 to 50s, encompassing 7 styles of Street and Club dance, and rehearsing and providing private lessons and workshops 5 to 10 hours/day, since October 18th!

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Brian Lim
Co-Founder & Operations Director

Jinji (Jane) Duan
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Alex Ambila
Artistic Director

Bao Pham
Creative Director

BioMed Realty & Canal District Kendall

BioMed Realty is the largest private provider of real estate solutions to the life science and technology industries. BioMed owns and operates high quality life science real estate concentrated in the leading innovation markets throughout the United States and United Kingdom, including Boston/Cambridge, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Cambridge U.K. In addition, BioMed maintains a premier development platform with Class A properties in active construction to meet the growing demand of the life science industry.

Canal District Kendall is an exciting neighborhood destination flowing through one of the world’s most innovative communities, and where you can come thrive in an environment where it’s easy to make connections, share ideas, and immerse yourself in art and entertainment. This is where residents, neighbors, visitors and trailblazers all come together in one exceptional community. The CCCA and the artists/educators and community members we serve, are extremely fortunate to have had the BioMed Realty-sponsored rent- and utilities-free arts facility at Canal District Kendall, along with their caring, dedicated, experienced, and collaborative team that has provided community programming development and sponsorship, publicity and marketing services. We are very thankful for BioMed’s generosity in granting us this venue for 2 years (2020 & 2021), and for their support to allow us to convert it into an arts and culture center.

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Andrea Windhausen
Community Manager, BioMed Realty

Eureka Ensemble (Organizational Partner at the CCCA)

Mission: Eureka Ensemble nurtures social change through music. We engage directly with communities in the greater Boston area affected by homelessness and immigration with a focus on serving marginalized youth.

Purpose: We identify an issue facing our community, partner with civic and social organizations, and then join together in chamber groups and as an orchestra to use music to address that issue.

The Eureka Experience: Since its debut in spring 2017, Eureka has brought together Boston’s finest young professional musicians to thousands of new and returning patrons. Our 2018 flagship campaign “Sheltering Voices”, which featured works by female American composers and a choir consisting of women experiencing homelessness, has inspired millions around the world and led to the birth of the Women’s Chorus, a twice-weekly program for women experiencing homelessness and poverty in Boston.

After the pandemic-related non-essential business shutdown ended, the CCCA partnered up with Eureka Ensemble. Since then, Eureka ensemble has produced 2 virtually broadcast concerts/lectures/fundraisers at the CCCA (June 17th and October 17th) featuring 20 local musicians, speakers, and staff, in addition to rehearsing there, and has 2 more concerts planned this Fall session. This partnership has brought Eureka’s programming to the City of Cambridge, increased the onsite usage of the CCCA’s arts facility during the Pandemic, and allowed the participating artists and educators to engage in and inspire with music, social advocacy, lectures, and discussions.

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Alan Toda-Ambaras
Co-Founder & Board Member

(919) 951-9456

Kristo Kondakçi
Co-Founder & Artistic Director

(781) 985-1731

J. Andrés Ballesteros
Executive Director

Stars Outreach (BCCA’s Fiscally Sponsored Florida-Based Partner Program)

Mission: Stars Outreach is a nonprofit international organization that empowers creative talent with the opportunity to grow and achieve their full artistic, intellectual, social, cultural and physical potential through Music and Entertainment.

Based in South Florida, StarsOutreach was established as a division of the BCCA in the Spring of 2012. An ongoing collaboration with community outreach organizations such as Arts Park, Broward County School Board and Cox Media Group, extends our ability to make a difference in the community by providing young people safe places to learn and grow. Through guidance and positive reinforcement, we will support their needs to rise above challenges by utilizing creative outlets to express themselves in productive ways.

Joseph Valmond
Director of Stars Outreach Program Executive Artistic Director of BCCA’s Florida Division BCCA Board Member

(954) 812-2300

Break The Silence! Foundation, Inc. (BTS) (BCCA Fiscally Sponsored Partner Program)

Break the Silence! Foundation is a non-profit organization utilizing the Arts to Educate – Empower – Enrich. A Grassroots Organization Is Connecting Points of Light & Planting Seeds For A Better Tomorrow. “Our strategy is to serve the needs of the local communities in which we operate by utilizing Art and Artists (donate their time and talents) as assets to provide education and
awareness on a local, regional and international level and to be a contributing member of the communities in which we service.” Break The Silence! Foundation, Brookline Community Center for the Arts, Boston Music Conference, Genuine Voices, Boston Music Coalition, and Diane Purdy’s Children’s Theatre Workshop, joined together to create an arts center to help both inner-city kids and aspiring professionals alike discover their talents with the use of mentoring, workshops, classes, and entertainment industry networking.

“Share Our Stage 2010” marked the first time in Genuine Voices’ nine-year history that their incarcerated youth (DYS) performed in public. It made a huge impact by strengthening their self-esteem and broadening their perspective on life. Their peers, the patrons, and crew, and the performers at the show, were moved to tears. Kids and families of many backgrounds and ages, and from several inner city programs attended the event and were treated to a red carpet experience full of magic, healthy food for kids, photo-ops and interaction with stars, limo rides, and “An Evolution of the Blues” educational musical show by acclaimed artists. The event created a stronger sense of unity, and inspired the community and media to get involved with the vision of establishing the Greater Boston Community Center for the Arts (BCCA); a much needed resource in Downtown Crossing, Boston. The Center will provide a positive outlet for troubled youth, to spend their time expressing their creativity and influencing others in positive ways. This video and materials are a glimpse into our June 18th and 19th weekend fundraiser, including shows, receptions, back stage action, interviews, and stills from our talented volunteer videographers and photographers.

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Phillip L. Morse
President & Executive Director of Break the Silence! Foundation Director of the “Share Our Stage” Program BCCA Board Member & Clerk BCCA & CCCA Assistant Executive Artistic Director

(978) 804-7705

Sherry Stearn
Co-Founder & Treasurer of Break the Silence! Foundation Assistant Director of the “Share Our Stage” Program BCCA Board Member

(917) 497-7659

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